Exterior Painting

Northtec Painting uses professional techniques and skill to properly and efficiently paint your exterior projects. Whether you want a full house repaint or simple touch-ups, call us now for a free estimate that guarantees high quality work!

Northtec follows the tried and tested painting procedure described below:

  • The surface is initially power-washed to ensure that it is clean and bondable. Mildew and mold gets special attention and is cleaned by hand with detergent.
  • Next, all loose paint is scraped off and the ridges are sanded smooth to improve the appearance and ensure the surface it flat and bondable.
  • All necessary areas are then primed.
  • All windows, doors, decks, etc. are fully covered with paper, plastic, and dropsheets to ensure that everything is properly protected.
  • The projected is then painted by skilled professionals.
  • Necessary touch-ups are completed and masking is removed.
  • Full clean-up of equipment and garbage.
  • Full walk around with the customer to ensure complete satisfaction.

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